Support Chat

Shockey Monkey Support Chat is your SLA's best friend. Our chat feature enables you to provide an even higher level of service to your clients than the support request system alone. Seamless integration with the Support Board enables you to service more client requests in less time.

Chat Window

Your clients just log in to your branded Shockey Monkey Portal to get both help desk and billing support in real time. From there the can choose whether they wish to open a chat with Billing or Support. One of representatives from the respective departments will answer any question that you ask.

Real-Time Communication

Your clients will feel more valued when they can reach out to you and get a live response in real time. Your support team can chat with multiple clients at once through the Shockey Monkey portal, and be empowered to communicate more effectively through the entire support process.

Chat-To-Ticket In One Click

Optimize your workflows with one-click ticket creation in Shockey Monkey Support Chat. If a Chat session generates a need for true support, your team saves time by generating a pre-populated support request with the click of a button. The entire chat log will also be uploaded into the new support request, so your team won't lose the record of that important client interaction.