Support Board

Be there with timely, effective IT support to help clients meet all of their business needs. The Shockey Monkey Support Board enables you to quickly and simply stay on top of all of support requests, track actual utilization, and ensure adherence to Service Level Agreements.


Spend more time delivering service and less time on "paperwork." Shockey Monkey multi-manage feature allows you to update more than one ticket at a time from the Support Board page. The multi-manage feature allows you to assign multiple support requests to another support resource all at once, for example, or reschedule or update status on multiple support requests at the end of the work day without opening each individual ticket. Spending less time on paperwork will help you to optimize utilization and ultimately maximize profitability.

Quick Peek

Spending less time managing a PSA means you can spend more time nurturing those client relationships. The Blue i just left of the ticket description in the Shockey Monkey Support Board View will show you the last three Updates associated with that ticket at a glance, without having to open it, so you can make the right decisions about how to manage those client support requests even faster and more efficiently.

Quick Update

Stop wasting billable time entering data and waiting for a cumbersome PSA solution to keep up. The Blue Q just left of the ticket description will allow you to add a Client-Facing comment or update to any ticket on the Shockey Monkey Support Board without opening the full ticket and waiting for a new page to load in the portal. Keep accurate track of how you are supporting those valuable clients and keep billable utilization rates high in the process.

Filter & Search

Get the full picture when you need it with Filter and Search for the Support Board. The Shockey Monkey Support Board View can be filtered by company, queue (like Status), Assigned Resource, and Location, along with a Keyword search bar at the top of each page, so you can always put your thumb on the data you need right now.

Customizable Menu Options

Make it your OWN to take processes from Good to Great. Manage the ideal, profitable work flows and specific service offerings with Shockey Monkey's customizable menu options like Support Request Status, Priority, Queues, Service Types, Contract Types, and Lead and Opportunity stages and more.

SLA Management

Keep your clients in the know about what is happening with their Support Requests. Shockey Monkey offers automated email responses triggered by Ticket Status changes and various other criteria. Just customize the text to create email templates, and every step in the Support Request workflow can generate email messages so you never leave clients wondering as you service their needs. Shockey Monkey's SLA Engine also allows you to manage your Support Board and escalate more efficiently. Tickets that match your filters can be automatically managed, and alerts to be pushed out to mobile devices.

Portal Notifications Pop-Ups

Visibility matters. Our Pop-up Portal Notifications show you whenever someone on your team conducts an activity in Shockey Monkey such as clocking in, updating a support request, or logging out of the system. Use this valuable information to manage your team and help them achieve optimal productivity.

Real-Time Alerts

Enable your remote and field teams to communicate seamlessly through the Shockey Monkey portal to cut down on communications cost and time. The Alerts system enables Shockey Monkey Admin your team to send out "bulletin" type alerts to all other team members and converse on those Alerts in real-time via the Live View Alerts Dashboard.

Notification Search

Shockey Monkey logs every activity conducted by your team and clients. Easily can see and track everything that all of your Shockey Monkey users do in the portal, and add comments on those activities that will be visible to that user in Search Mode. Search Mode enables you to search activities by category and by keyword.

Support Ticket Tagging

Shockey Monkey enables your team to see in real time when another technician is working on the same ticket. When a user clicks to view a support request, they are "tagged" in that ticket, which is visible to any other user who views the ticket at the same time. You can also get a quick peek at what another technician is typing into that support request just by hovering over the user's name. Avoid duplicating effort and help your team service more client requests in less time.