Offer your clients the benefits of budget able, easy to manage billing and they'll not only be more satisfied, but they will choose to stay with you longer. They will also appreciate the productivity improvements they will see from SLAs (service level agreements) that you can offer under a formal service agreement. For you, service agreements help prevent "feast or famine" cash flow problems and boost your ability to forecast revenue. Shockey Monkey's Agreements tools make it easy to manage and administer these valuable client agreements. Whether you offer Hour Blocks, flat rate support services, maintenance packages, or any other types, Shockey Monkey can help you track and bill accurately and keep those "sticky" client relationships.


Keep your clients loyal to you by signing them to long-term service agreements. Shockey Monkey has a full feature set gives you everything you need to set up the full service relationship, from contacts to SLAs to assets to vendors to billing cycles and communication preferences.

Item & Pricing

Show more value more clearly by describing each of the services you provide within the Shockey Monkey agreement. Create items by unit, hour, or dollar, and assign specific dollar amounts to each so that you can offer your clients the Right Sized service agreement that their business really needs.

Customize Rates & Frequency

Be more accessible to clients with flexible billing terms. Create recurring billing cycles, as well as one time billings with one click in Shockey Monkey. Add and remove items from your service agreement easily, to accommodate changing client needs over time with almost no administrative burden.

Customizable SLA

Always meet your SLA's. Shockey Monkey offers automated email responses triggered by Ticket Status changes and various other criteria. Just customize the text to create email templates, and every step in the Support Request workflow can generate email messages so you never leave clients wondering as you service their needs. Shockey Monkey's SLA Engine also allows you to manage your Support Board and escalate more efficiently. Tickets that match your filters can be automatically managed, and alerts pushed out to mobile devices so you never have to worry about whether your clients' service requests are being seen and handled by your team.

Simple Management

Cut administrative expenses with a straightforward process. Shockey Monkey allows you to Activate and Deactivate service agreements with just a few clicks, so you never have to worry again about forgetting to document important changes to your client relationships.