Shockey Monkey is designed to be the simplest & most effective IT management platform. In order to fulfill that promise, Shockey Monkey plays well with others by providing an open platform, extensive feature set and flexibility to truly serve our clients.

Shockey Monkey platform exists for the sole purpose of serving our clients and helping them succeed by providing the framework to build their business and introducing them to the vendors that can create opportunities and solutions. We have a committment to our clients that 100% of the money earned by the Pro subscriptions will be invested back into development. Because we are only accountable to our users, we can allow third parties to integrate and create features without worrying about politics, channel conflicts and competition of our offering. We want our clients to be successful because the more successful they are, the more successful we all become.

Third Party Integrations

Third party software and hardware have several methods of integrating with Shockey Monkey:
  • REST based API calls - Shockey Monkey Pro features a full REST based API that can be leveraged to manage tickets, contacts, agreements, opportunities and other objects in the system.
  • Email-to-Ticket Connector - Shockey Monkey Pro features a built-in system that converts inbound email messages to support requests and applies appropriate SLA levels and automated responses.
  • Data Feeds - Shockey Monkey data and reporting features a powerful XML import/export functionality, allowing you to perform offline data mining and manipulation.

If you have a solution that you would like to integrate with Shockey Monkey, please take a moment to sign up for a free version and check out the solution. Once you have an idea of how the system works, contact us and we'll help advise you along the way as you develop your integration.

Service Manager

Shockey Monkey features a Service Manager component designed to give clients easy subscription billing and service management functionality. Think of it as an IT Solution Provider's own unique "app store" that takes orders, automatically creates invoices and even allows for configuration management.
Shockey Monkey Service Manager is extensible and can easilly integrate with third party order processing systems. We are currently working on integrating Paypal and as a payment gateway to allow partners to accept payments for invoices and services directly on the Shockey Monkey site.

Functionality / API

Want to tie in your web app or hardware solution to Shockey Monkey? Shockey Monkey Pro features iFrame and Links section that can be tied in through the API to create a custom dashboard with external content.

Private Label

Need a professional service automation, support management, client management and service integration in your application? Shockey Monkey can be private labeled and seamlessly integrated outside of our service and even outside of our data centers. Because the framework is free of any proprietary plugins and completely designed on open source frameworks, integration is simple and straight forward.

For more information call us! 877-546-0316 x 4