Shockey Monkey is designed to be the simplest & most effective IT management platform. Arguably, Shockey Monkey's most important benefit is its integrations and partnerships with leading industry vendors. Third party applications and services play a huge part in delivery of technology services today so a smooth integration is critical. Shockey Monkey features a truly open API available at without the terms, contracts and restrictions that are common in the PSA industry. By giving both users and third-party developers unrestricted access to the platform, Shockey Monkey becomes a natural layer of functionality to give clients a better process-oriented view of service operations to better run their business.

  • Receive notifications/alerts from Level Platforms and transmit them to Shockey Monkey
  • Automatically generated alerts for sites and contacts

  • Allow you to configure alerts from GFI to automatically be pushed into Shockey Monkey as support tickets

  • Allows you to import all of the assets from your N-able platform into Shockey Monkey.
  • Track and Manage all assets.

  • Import all assets from your Kaseya platform into Shockey Monkey.
  • Synchronize information from your Kaseya server into Shockey Monkey.

  • Configure alerts form Intronis to automatically be pushed into Shockey Monkey as tickets.
  • Full administrative reporting.

  • Allows you to have new tickets, replies, and alerts within LabTech to generate tickets in Shockey Monkey.
  • Monitor alerts.

  • Allow you to import all of your Companies, Contacts, and Tickets.
  • Consistent reference back and forth between two management portals.

  • Provides a template for accounting within Shockey Monkey.
  • Export all invoices into QuickBooks.

  • Import leads and opportunities into Shockey Monkey.
  • Search and edit information for contacts and leads.

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