Work On A Project

  • Click on Projects in the left hand navigation panel to be redirected to your Projects Dashboard.

  • Click on a project name in the Projects List to be redirected to the Project Overview page.

  • Under Steps, click on the step name to view details.

  • Enter text into the Update field to update the project. NOTE: A comment in this field is required.

  • Check the Step Completed check box if work on this step is completed.

  • Click Update to save changes.

  • For more detailed updates, click the View Ticket link under Hours in the Project Overview screen and update in Ticket View.

  • Scroll down to the Update Ticket window and click Start Work to start the timestamped tracker. Begin working on the Project Ticket. If you use this feature, you cannot update the Comments field of the Update Ticket window until you click on Stop Work. Reasons for Stopping Work on a Ticket include completion of the task, waiting for a client update, reassignment or escalation, and little else.

  • Click in the Comments box and briefly but completely describe the work that you conducted and the current status of the Project Ticket.

  • Click on the Police Officer icon to the right of Tag in the Update Ticket top row if you wish to "Blow the Whistle" on this Ticket Update.
    1. Click OK in the pop-up menu if you are sure you want to flag the Ticket Update.
    2. Click in the field to type in the reason for flagging the Ticket Update.
    3. Click in the drop-down box next to Assign Follow-Up to in order to select the appropriate resource to follow up on the "Whistle".

  • Click on Insert Timestamp to insert a system date and time stamp onto your Ticket Update entry. Doing so will provide another level of guarantee that you are providing your clients the highest level of timely service and consistently meeting your SLAs.

  • Click in the Canned Text drop-down menu to trigger an automatic email update to the client contact, if applicable.

  • Click Browse, to the right of Attach to attach any relevant documentation or files to the Project Ticket.

  • Click in CC and enter an email address (or multiple email addresses separated by commas) if there are any others who should be notified of the ticket update.

  • Click in the Priority drop-down box if a Priority change is required as a part of the update.

  • Click in the Status drop-down box to update if applicable.

  • If work on the ticket is complete, click in the Resolution drop-down box to select a Resolution type, which will enable you to track various types of service request resolution.

  • Click in the check box next to Silent Update if you wish for the Project Ticket to be updated without notifying the client contact by email. The client will still be able to see the Support Request update if he or she logs on to the Client Portal.

  • Click next to Customer Visible to uncheck it if you wish for your update to be visible only to your internal staff.

  • Click the check box next to Close Ticket when the work on the Project Ticket is complete and you want to close the ticket.

  • Click next to Email History if you wish to email the full ticket contents along with the update.

  • Click in the Send Survey check box if you wish to send out an automatic survey upon closure of the Project Ticket.

  • Click in the Create Knowledge Base Article check box if you wish for the contents of this Project Ticket to be logged in a searchable Knowledge Base Article.