Use The Portal (Admin)

  1. Review your color shaded Dashboard boxes for important information about your (branded) services.

    1. Welcome Message: Hello from your awesome support provider!
    2. Announcements: Important updates regarding the services you receive.
    3. Links: Check out the relevant and interesting web content that your support provider suggests.
    4. Brandable Propaganda: your clients see it and that makes you more money.

  2. Review the main navigation row across the top of the portal.

  3. Click the Support tab to be redirected to the Support Dashboard, where you can create a new Support Request, view and filter Support Requests, and even submit updates to Support Requests.

  4. Click on the Company tab to edit your company's primary account information. Update address, phone, even billing preferences.

  5. Click on the Knowledge Base tab to be redirected to the database of FAQ articles for your Own Web Now services.

  6. Click Options to customize your Portal Settings.

    1. Click in the fields under Personal Information to enter or edit Name and Phone.
    2. Click in the fields under Contact Information to enter or edit your details.
    3. Check and uncheck the boxes under Email Notifications to adjust your preferences for receiving automated system notifications.
    4. Click in the fields under Change Password to enter Current Password, then enter and Confirm New Password.
    5. Select from the drop down menu to change your Time Zone preference.
    6. Under Formatting Options, click in the fields to adjust your preferences for Date, Time, Paging, Theme, and Announcements.
    7. Click Update Options to save changes.

  7. Click on the Service Manager tab to be directed to your Service Manager Dashboard, or hover over the tab and select a Service to shortcut to the Service homepage.