Using the Support Chat

  1. In the lower right bottom of the portal, you will see a tab labeled Support Chat. To initiate a chat with an available representative, click the Support Chat button.

    • Two options should appear:

      • Support
      • Billing
    • A red dot means that no representative is currently present.
    • A green dot means that a representative is standing by.

  2. Click on the appropriate department you wish to speak with and stand by for a representative to assist you.

  3. Type your comments in the text box and press the Send button.

  1. When a Chat is initiated, you will hear a screaming monkey sound and the Chat Request tab in the lower right corner will shake back and forth.

  2. To claim the chat, click on the Chat Request tab and click Claim.

  3. Enter your comments in the text box and press Send.

  4. If the issue cannot be handle via chat, you can open a ticket by pressing the Open Ticket icon directly underneath the "minimize" and "close" buttons.