Use The Support Board

  1. Click on Support tab.

  2. Review your Support Requests by using the light blue filtering buttons at the top of the support queue:

    1. Support Requests: see all Support Requests, based on your Role and access level.
    2. New Requests: see only tickets with a New Status.
    3. Urgent Requests: see only tickets that are marked Urgent priority.
    4. Resolved Requests: see only tickets that are Closed.
    5. Assigned to Me: see only tickets that are assigned to you.

  3. When you have filtered your queue, and are looking at the appropriate list of Support Requests, navigate the many features of the Shockey Monkey Support Board:
    1. Multi-Manage: Update more than one ticket at a time from your Support Board page. Assign multiple support requests to another support resource all at once, for example, or reschedule or update status on multiple support requests at the end of your work day without opening each individual ticket.

    2. Quick Peek: The Blue "i" just left of the ticket description in the Shockey Monkey Support Board View will show you the last three Updates associated with that ticket at a glance.
    3. Quick Update: The Blue "Q" just left of the ticket description will allow you to add a Client-Facing Comment or update to any ticket on the Shockey Monkey Support Board.

    4. Filter: Use the drop down boxes in the upper right hand corner to filter by company, queue (like Status), and Location, along with a

    5. Keyword Search: Type keywords into the Search bar at the top of every page to search your Shockey Monkey databases.

  4. Click on the Subject of a specific Service Request to go to the Ticket View page.