Track Your Time

  1. Click on Support tab, in the left hand navigation panel.

  2. Click on the subject of a ticket to open Ticket View. Scroll down to the Update Ticket window and click Start Work to start the timestamped tracker. Begin working on the Support Request. If you use this feature, you cannot update the Comments field of the Update Ticket window until you click on Stop Work.

  3. Update the Ticket View fields as appropriate after you have stopped work on the ticket.

  4. Click on Click to Add Time.

  5. Click on the Date box to change the date of the Time log. It will default to today.

  6. Click in the boxes under Start Time and End Time to enter your hours.

  7. Billable Time will automatically populate with the number of hours you entered in Start and End Time.

  8. Click in the Type drop down box if you wish to select a particular Service Type for the time log.

  9. Click in the Billable drop down box and change the status to Do Not Bill if you wish to invoice the client for those hours of service at a later time, or No Charge if applicable. Selecting Billable will trigger the Invoicing features of Shockey Monkey.

  10. Click on Update Ticket.