My Profile

In addition to the newly created My Profile, we also added My Projects, My Schedule, and My Tasks into Shockey Monkey v.3. These links are unique virtual workplaces for each employee. Here, employees can submit their Time Sheets, submit Time Off, add Experiences that they have accumulated, add Documents, etc. Let's take a look at the My Profile Dashboard and go through some of the links in detail.

Punching The Clock

As an employee, one of the very first things you want to do when you sign into the portal is to punch the time clock. When your supervisor created your profile within Shockey Monkey, they also documented your work schedule. Therefore, Shockey Monkey knows when you are supposed to be at work and when you are not. If you never punch the time clock when you start working, Shockey Monkey thinks that you did not make it into work. This is reflected on your time sheet as well. In most business environments, no time recorded means no pay! So remember to punch the time clock.

Clicking the link will take you to the time clock interface.

Under Status, you can select whether you are in the office, out of the office, in a meeting, out to lunch, at client meeting, etc. and whether you are working or not working. Furthermore, your supervisor may ask you to enter what exactly you are working on that day - or everyday you check in for work. If so, provide a brief description of what you will be working on. After words, click the Punch the Clock button. You will repeat this process when you go to lunch or check out for the day. By doing so, you and your employer have a detailed time and account of the items and tasks that you were working on any given day.