Project Manager Dashboard

  1. Click on Projects in the left hand navigation panel to be redirected to your Projects Dashboard.

  2. Click New Project in the top left corner of the Dashboard to start a new Project.

  3. Review the Current Projects list for Days Left, Last Updates, and Percentage Completion quick stats.

    1. Click on a project name in the Projects List to be redirected to the Project Overview page.
    2. Quick Peek: Hover your cursor over the blue "I" to the left of each Project Name for a Quick Peek of key description and timeline data for the project.

    3. View Ticket: Click the link to be redirected to the Ticket View for the current project state for easy updates and reassignments.
    4. Quick Close: Click the green Checkmark icon on the right hand side of the Project list to close the project, then confirm in the pop up box.

  4. Review Projects Pending List for all the work being built for or proposed to customers. Click a blue Project Name to review details, or click the (Purge all pending projects) link to clear the Pending queue.