Open A Support Request (Client)

  1. Click on Support tab.

  2. Click on Create New tab.

  3. Click on the Email field and enter the email address of the user requesting support.

  4. Click the Category drop down box and select the appropriate service category based on the type of service that is being requested.
  5. Click the Priority drop down box and assign the appropriate Priority level for the support request, based on the level of impact that the support issue is having on the client's business operation. Selecting a particular Priority level can trigger differing billing rates, response times, etc. depending on your service agreement.
  6. Click in the Link field to enter the Unique Service Type, if applicable.
  7. Click in the Subject field and briefly describe the nature of the support request. Use keywords and specific descriptors as much as possible, as these are searchable fields.
  8. Click in the Comments field and add any relevant information that has to do with the service request.
  9. Click on the Browse button to attach any relevant documents or pieces of information to the Ticket in Shockey Monkey.
  10. Click Open Ticket, and you will be redirected to the Ticket View page.