Add New Service

  1. In order for you to order services through your Shockey Monkey portal, you must enable the service.

    1. Hover your mouse over Settings and click on Service Manager.
    2. If you have not enabled your Service Manager, your status will show as Disabled.
    3. To enable your Service Manager in your portal, click on Enable.
    4. Next, you will be asked if you have an account with; click Yes.
    5. Enter your Credentials and click Next.
    6. Enter your Billing Information and click Next.

  2. Click the blue Service Manager tab in the top row navigation panel to be redirected to the Service Manager Dashboard then click on a Service in the menu, or hover over the blue Service Manager tab and click on a Service to shortcut directly to that service.

  3. From the Service Manager Dashboard, click on the drop down box next to Company to select your own company, a client company, or All companies and view all the currently configured accounts.

  4. Click a link in the blue Add Services box on the right side of the Service Manager Dashboard to shortcut to the Create Service screens.

    1. Enter credit card information for the account.

    2. Depending on the type of Service being created, different fields will populate the Service Information section. Enter Service-Specific details. Keep an eye on the blue shaded box on the right side of the Dashboard view for helpful tips and ideas. If there are any issues with Service Configuration, you will be automatically alerted and prompted to Open a Ticket so Own Web Now's support team can resolve the issue for you. Click the Dashboard tab on the left of the light blue navigation row to return to the Dashboard at any time.

      1. Exchange:
        1. Enter user's name and login/username.
        2. Select Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010, then
        3. select Service Location.
        4. Create and confirm the password for the new Exchange account.
        5. enter the email address and up to two aliases for the address.
        6. If you are creating more than one account at a time, click Add Additional Mailbox to save your entries onto a list that you will review and finalize later.

      2. SharePoint: Create Sharepoint user accounts.
        1. Enter user's name and username.
        2. Enter the web address for your portal.
        3. Enter and confirm password for the new sharepoint service.
        4. If you are creating more than one account at a time, click Add Additional Mailbox to save your entries onto a list that you will review and finalize later.

      3. Offsite Backups: Create offsite backup accounts and run automated backup jobs for your company and your clients.
        1. Under Service Configuration, enter username, click on the Location drop down box to select United States or Europe.
        2. Click in the Storage Quota drop down to select the appropriate increment.
        3. Enter the number of Exchange mailboxes to be backed up.
        4. Under Daily Back Up reports type in the names and email addresses for up to two contacts to receive daily email reports on status of offsite backups, as well as notifications, alerts and issues.
        5. Click in the Password fields to create and confirm the offsite backup account.

      4. Web Hosting: Create new web hosting sites for development and production.
        1. Click the green Plus sign to create a new Web Hosting Account.
        2. Click the Domain Name field to enter the new domain.
        3. Under Service Configuration, click in the Domain Registration drop down box to indicate whether the domain is current or a new request.
        4. Click in the Server Technology drop down box and select either Linux or Windows.
        5. Under Domain Administrative Contact, enter the Legal Name, company name, email, phone, and address.

      5. Blackberry BES: Create service accounts to access Exchange email on Blackberry devices. The email address must be an existing Hosted Exchange account with Own Web Now.
        1. Click in the Email Address drop down box to select the email address of the Blackberry user.
        2. Enter Activation Password and confirm.

      6. Exchange Defender Service Provider: Create your Service Provider account for Exchange Defender client web portal. After the account is created, you will be able to customize the branding of your portal.
        1. Enter an MSP ID, a single word that identifies your company.
        2. Enter your company's name for the Exchange Defender product (what you and your clients will call it)
        3. Enter Name, email, Company, address, phone, and website into the fields under Admin Contact Information.
        4. Click Review to display your configuration choices.
        5. Click through the Review & Finalize Screen to ensure your selections are correct.
        6. Click Submit to finalize your order.
        7. Use the light blue navigation row at the top of the Dashboard to return to your main Dashboard screen.