Adding Documents

In this installment of the Deep Dive Guide series we will be discussing all there is to know about the Documents section of Shockey Monkey v.3. In keeping with the desire to make Shockey Monkey v.3 something useful for people occupying Human Resource roles and doing our part to keep the world "green", there is an Add Document feature. With this newly added feature, you can upload documents pertaining to specific employees.

To add a document to a specific employee, click the Add Document link on the Corporate Dashboard. Once again, you are reintroduced to the simplicity of adding information into your Shockey Monkey v.3 portal. Select the employee from the drop-down menu that you associate this particular document to. For documents that should only be accessed by those with Administrator privileges, select the Private radio tab from the Sensitivity selection. The next step is to choose the file and give it a title and description. After that, simply click on the Upload button.

To verify that the document was uploaded successfully, click on Documents in the Corporate Dashboard. From there, you should see a similar result to the one shown below.

Modifying Documents

While you can not really modify the document itself, you can change some of its attributes. From the Corporate Dashboard, click on the Documents tab. Find and click on the title of the document that you wish to modify. You can change the assigned employee, sensitivity, title, and description only. No changes can be made to the uploaded document. After you make the appropriate changes needed, click on the Upload button to save the changes.

Deleting Documents

If an uploaded document has changed since its last upload or is no longer needed within your portal, you can remove it. From the Corporate Dashboard, click on the Documents tab. Locate the title of the document that you wish to delete, then click the red X next to that entry.