Creating A Knowledge Base Article

  1. Click Knowledge Base Article in the Create New drop down box in the top right hand corner of the Dashboard. You can also create a new Knowledge Base Article from the contents of a Support Request in the Ticket View screen.

  2. Click in the field to enter the Title of the Knowledge Base Article.

  3. Click in the Drop Down to select the Service to which the Knowledge Base Article applies.
  4. Click in the Company field and enter the Company name to which the KB Article applies, or choose to leave it blank.
  5. Click in the Contents box to type in and edit formatting of text for Knowledge Base Article. Describe completely the situation encountered and how to handle it, as if you had never encountered anything like it before. Make sure to be very clear about details, so that your Article's reader can recreate the steps you took, and remember that the reader may be at a lower technical competence level than you.
  6. Click on the disk icon in the top left corner of the Contents formatting box to save the new Article.