Creating An Opportunity

  1. Hover over Sales tab and select Opportunities.

  2. Click Create Opportunity on the right side of the window just below the Search box.

  3. Type in the Company name in the company field. If the Company name already exists in your Shockey Monkey database, it will auto populate. If the company doesn't exist within your Shockey Monkey portal, enter all the information under the General Information section.

  4. Enter a Title for the opportunity.

  5. Click in the Owner drop down box to select the appropriate party responsible for developing the Opportunity.
  6. Under Overview Details section, enter text into the Source field to indicate how the Opportunity was uncovered.
  7. Click in the Status drop down box to select the appropriate choice. Most of the time Opportunity status will be New when it is created.
  8. Select the Campaign that was used to discover the opportunity.
  9. Select the Product that reflect this opportunity.
  10. Type in the Probability of the Opportunity to close.
  11. Type in the Dollar Amount of the Opportunity.
  12. Click in the Close Date field to select the estimated close date of the Opportunity.
  13. Click in the Follow-up Date field to schedule a Task on your Task list to contact the Lead and follow-up on the Opportunity.
  14. Click in the field to enter any Notes or Comments or special details about this Opportunity.
  15. Click the Financial section to enter the following:

    • Revenue:
      • One-Time Amount - This is a one-time cost associated with this opportunity. It could be a setup fee, etc.
      • Monthly Amount - This field is used for any monthly payment that is to be collected.
      • Quarterly Amount - This field is for any quarterly payment that is to be collected
      • Yearly Amount - This field is for any annual payment that is to be collected
    • Cost: This reflects YOUR cost of doing business and is subtracted from the entered Revenue total.
      • One-Time Cost - Cost associated with providing a one time service.
      • Monthly Cost - Cost for providing the monthly service.
      • Quarterly Cost - Cost for providing the quarterly service
      • Yearly Cost - Cost for providing the annual service.
    • Profits: The Profit section automatically performs the necessary math-subtracting any costs from entered revenue.
  16. Click Create Opportunity.