Creating An Asset

  1. Hover your mouse over the "+" sign next to the Search box and select Asset. This will change when the "+" sign goes away.

  2. Under Asset Owner, enter the Asset Name (eg. Molly's PC).

  3. Type in the email address of user associated with that asset and allow the predictive system to pull up the contact information. The user must already be set up as a Contact in the client Company in Shockey Monkey.
  4. Edit the Asset Location data if it is not located in the primary Company location that will automatically populate the fields.
  5. Click in the Notes box to enter any specific, relevant details about the asset.
  6. Click in the Asset Type drop down box and select the appropriate choice. When you select an Asset Type, specific fields will load on the screen for you to enter relevant details about that type of Asset.
  7. Click in the ID/Badge field to enter an identifier number or specified Asset number, if applicable.
  8. Under Asset Information, click the fields to enter Manufacturer, Model #, Date Purchased, Lifespan, Purchased From, and Supplier information.
  9. Click in the drop down box next to Status to select Active for this new asset. Only use Inactive status if the Asset is no longer in use.
  10. Click in the Managed drop down box and select Managed only if you consider this Asset within the scope of an existing managed services agreement with the client Company. Click Unmanaged if not.
  11. Click in the Owner drop down box to indicate whether the device is the property of the company, the user, a leasing company, or another.
  12. Click to add a Reference # if applicable.
  13. Under the specific Asset Data section, click the fields to enter the details for the type of Asset.
  14. Click the Click to add Asset Warranty Information link to expand the section.
  15. Click the fields to enter information about the Asset's warranty.
  16. Click Click to add additional notes then enter data into the field for any other relevant specifics about that Asset.
  17. Click Create Asset.