Creating An Agreement

  1. Click Agreements on the main left hand navigation panel.

  2. Click on the New Agreement button to create a new agreement. Otherwise click on an existing agreement title to edit that agreement.

  3. Scroll through the options in the Company box and click to select the correct client Company for the agreement.

  4. After you have selected the client Company, click in the Contact drop down box to select the main contact (usually the decision maker) who signed the agreement.
  5. Click in the Agreement Name field to name it in the system.
  6. Click in the Description field to add any important notes or pieces of information regarding the agreement.
  7. Click in the drop down box next to Status to select Active for this new agreement.
  8. If the Agreement has been cancelled, select Inactive from the Status drop-down. Chose the date that the agreement was cancelled on and add a descriptive reason for the cancellation in the Reason section.
  9. Click on Add Item under Contents to add all applicable items to this new agreement. Items can include hours of service, units of service, or dollar balances available per the agreement.
    1. New Item - Select a type of item.
    2. Title - Name the service item.
    3. Description - Add important details about the item.
    4. Quantity - Enter a quantity.
    5. Category - Select an item category.
    6. Cost - Enter the dollar amount the client will be charged for this item.
    7. Adjustment - Enter any discounts or markups that will apply to that item.
    8. Add Item - Add the item and return to the Agreement screen.
  10. In the Recurring Billing section, click the drop down to select Billing Cycle frequency, or check the box for a One Time billing arrangement on this agreement.
  11. Click in theBilling Metho drop down box to select the appropriate option.
  12. Click in the field to select a Start Billing Date.
  13. Click in the field to enter an Invoice Comment, any specific details you wish to include on the invoice for this agreement.
  14. Click in the field for Adjustments, in the darker blue shaded box, to enter a dollar number for any adjustments to make to the charges.
  15. Click in the Tax % field and enter the appropriate tax percentage to apply to the agreement.
  16. Click in the Prorate box to enter a number of days that the agreement was active.
  17. Once you have reviewed all the details of the agreement, click Create Agreement at the bottom of the screen to create the record.