Creating A Touch

  1. Click on the blue Clients tab on the top row navigation panel, then click on the Contacts link.
  2. Click on the name of the Contact you wish to touch.
  3. Click on Touch in the third row light blue navigation.
  4. Click on the Add Touch button.

  5. Click on the Comments field and enter a description of the client or prospect touch.
  6. Leave the Add Task check box unchecked to generate a quick record of an already completed client Touch with just the Comments, or check it if you wish to schedule this Touch for the future:
    1. Click the Assign to drop down box and select the individual who should touch the client.
    2. Click in the Due box to assign a Due Date and add the Touch to the assigned person's Schedule.
    3. Click the Category to choose a Touch type or category in order to track different types of client activity separately.
  7. Click Create Touch.