Creating A Task

  1. To create a Task, click on the Business tab and click on My Task. Alternatively, you can click on My Tasks on the left side Business menu.

  2. If you have any tasks already entered, they will be displayed within your Task Dashboard.
  3. To create a new task from the Task Dashboard, fill in the appropriate information in the New Task window:

    • Subject - This will be the name of your new task.
    • Comment - Insert any relevant comments concerning this task.
    • Status - Choose the appropriate status from the drop-down menu that reflects this task.
    • Priority - From the drop-down menu, pick a suitable priority status.
    • Category - Use the drop-down menu to choose a category that best fits your new task.
    • Contact - Enter a contact name.
    • Assign To - You can assign this task to yourself or any other person within your organization.
    • Due Date - Choose the date when this task is due.
  4. To edit a task within the Task Dashboard, click on the task you wish to edit; change the desired information and click Update Task.