Create A Recurring Message

  1. Hover over Sales and click on Campaigns.

  2. Click Recurring Messages; here you should see all your recurring messages you previously created. If no recurring messages are displayed, that simply means that you haven't created any or those created are set to inactive. To view inactive recurring messages, select the drop down menu under the Create Recurring button and select Inactive.

  3. Click Create Recurring on the right side of the window.

  4. Under the General Information section, enter the following steps.
    • Name - Assign the recurring messge a name.
    • Type - Use the drop down menu to associate this recurring message with a business role, e.g. General, Billing, Service, or Notice.
    • Description - Enter a descriptive text about this recurring message
    • Start Date - Enter the start date for the recurring message
    • Schedule - Select when you would like this message to be delivered
      • First of the Month
      • Last of the Month
      • Every - Choose day from drop-down menu
      • Every Other - Choose day from drop-down menu
      • Every - Choose date of the month
    • In the Target Groups window, click the drop down menu, select a group to add, and click Add
  5. In the Email Template section, enter the following:
    • Subject - Enter the subject of your email campaign.
    • Senders Name - Enter the Sender's name.
    • Senders Email - Select the appropriate email address from the drop down menu.
    • Reply-To Email - Select the appropriate email address from the drop down menu.
    • Type - Select the desired format of the email, e.g. HTML, text, both.
    • Body - Enter the body of the email in this section.
    • Header - Enter a header if applicable.
    • Footer - Enter a footer is applicable.
  6. Click Create Recurring Message.