Creating A Contact

  1. Click on the blue Clients tab on the top row navigation panel and click on the Contacts link.

  2. Click on the Create Contact button in the navigation row.

  3. Click in the fields in Personal Information and enter Name, Phone, and Email.
  4. Click in the Company field and type in the name of the contact's company. The company that the contact is associated with must already be created in Shockey Monkey. Allow the predictive system to find the Company Record.
  5. Click on the Use Company Data button next to the Personal Information title to import the main company record contact information. Otherwise, enter data into the Contact Information fields manually.
  6. Check the box next to Portal Invitation to send the automatic User Welcome email that you set up.
  7. Click in the drop down box next to Role and select the appropriate Role level for this contact.
    1. Client Admin - Role will have access to company wide Shockey Monkey data including billing.
    2. Client - Role will have access to only Support Requests that they created.
    3. Lead - Role offers no portal access, but creates a contact record for CRM tracking purposes.
  8. Click in the field next to Password to change the default random portal password for that user.
  9. Check the box next to Newsletter to subscribe the user to your newsletter.
  10. Click in the drop down next to Time Zone to change the user's time zone preference.
  11. Check and uncheck the Email Notifications boxes to set the user's preferences for Support notifications.
  12. Check and uncheck the boxes next to Allow Contact to set the user's communications preferences, email phone, cell, and IM.
  13. Click Create Contact to save the record.