Creating A Company

  1. Click on the blue Clients tab on the top row navigation panel and click on the Companies link.

  2. Click on the Create Company button in the navigation row.

  3. Click in the field to enter Corporate Name and Trade Name.
  4. Click in the fields to enter all Billing Contact Information. The information entered here will not create a new Contact for the company's billing contact. After the Company record is created, you must create individual Contact records for each person associated with the Company including the Billing Contact entered here.
  5. Click in the CC fields to enter all Financial Information for this Company.
  6. Click in the drop down box next to State to select either Active or Inactive for this Company.
  7. Click in the drop down box next to Status to select either Current or Overdue payment status.
  8. Click in the drop down box next to Rating to select an overall rating for this client.
  9. Click Create Company to save the record.