Corporate Dashboard

To get started, hover your cursor over the Business tab and select Corporate. From the Corporate Dashboard, Shockey Monkey provides business owners and HR managers an easy way to manage business documents, handbooks, employee documents, reviews, goals, personal information, certifications and more, all in a single solution. Assets, time and vacation can all be tracked per employee making Shockey Monkey a robust and powerful tool for business owners.

  1. On the Corporate Dashboard, click the Add Employee link.

  2. If you already have the employee listed under Contacts, you can select their name from the Source drop-down menu. Otherwise, select Create New. This option will also create a contact for this person under Clients > Contacts.

  3. Enter and/or select all the following information in the General Information field. If desired, you can add a photo of this employee by clicking of Choose File and browsing on your local drive or network. Please note, you must adhere to the restriction of 128x128 pixels and less than 2048 KB in size.
  4. Under Contact Information, enter all pertinent information about this employee.
  5. In the Account Details and Permissions, you will:
    • Select the employees immediate supervisor from the drop-down menu.
    • The employee's access level:
      • Administrator
      • Employee
      • Accountant
    • Job Title
    • Job Type
      • Part-time
      • Full-time
      • Salary
      • Contractor
    • Job Description
    • Start Date
    • Vacation Time - Documented by hour per month/year.
    • Sick Time - Documented by hour per month/year.
    • Personal Time - Documented by hour per month/year.
    • Other Time - Documented by hour per month/year.
    • Work Hours - Select the days and times that the employee is responsible for working. NOTE: Times are recorded in military format.
  6. After all information has been entered, press Create.

Add Equipment

  1. On the Corporate Dashboard, click on the Add Equipment link. Here is where you will add new/used (existing) equipment to employees' profiles.

  2. Select the drop-down menu to select the employee you wish to associate this equipment to.

  3. Determine the condition of the equipment and select either New or Used.
  4. Enter the Date the equipment was issued.
  5. Enter the date the equipment was returned (if applicable).
  6. Enter the Serial Number of the equipment being issued to the employee.
  7. Enter a Title for this equipment. Example: Dell OptiPlex 550.
  8. Enter a description of the equipment being added.
  9. After all the pertinent information has been enter, press Create.

Add Location

  1. On the Corporate Dashboard, click on the Add Location link. If you have multiple locations within your organization, you will want to enter these within your portal so you can allocate various resources to those locations.

  2. In the New Location window, enter all the following information:

    • Title - This will be the name of the location.
    • Phone - Enter the phone number for this location.
    • Mobile - Enter the mobile number of the supervisor of this location.
    • Fax - Yes, people still use faxes. If applicable, enter the fax number for this location.
    • Enter the physical or mailing address of this location, including:
      • Suite Number = Address Line #2
      • City
      • State
      • Zip Code
      • Country/Region

    • Enter any relevant information about the description of this location.
    • Click Create.