Complete My Profile

Users can gain access to pertinent company information allowing them to see issued equipment, add career goals, submit timesheets, add certifications and education, as well as add personal accomplishments. Managers can edit employee information, add employee specific goals, and add reviews making a more productive and accountable environment for supervisors and employees.

  1. Hover over the Business tab and click My Profile.

  2. Click on the Add Experience link

  3. Enter all pertinent information under Experience

    • Date - The date you earned said experience
    • Type - What type of experience did you achieve
      • Skills
      • Education
      • Certification
      • Licenses
      • Others
    • Job Related - Is this experience related to your current position/duties?
    • Title - Name this experience.
    • Notes - Give a brief description or add any notes pertaining to this experience.
  4. Click Add Experience.

Submit A Timesheet

  1. Hover over the Business tab and click My Profile.

  2. Click on Submit Timesheet.

  3. In the New Timesheet Dashboard, you can:

    • Click the Start field to prompt the drop-down calendar
    • Click a date within the calendar that you wish to start from
    • Click the Duration drop-down menu to select your duration for this timesheet. The duration is from 1 day to 7 days
    • Depending on the duration your choose, the End field will auto-populate with the correct end date
  4. Under Time Entry, you will see the total number of hours a day you were clocked in. You can alter those times if you wish.
  5. Under the Time Log Calculations;
    • If you modified the time under Time Entry, a triangle with an exclamation mark icon will appear in the Time Log Calculation box signally that the hours have been manually changed.
    • If your check in and check out hours match up to the times (or are within 15 minutes of your scheduled work times) a green check mark will appear.
    • If you logged in overtime, a green plus sign will appear.
    • While you cannot modify the check in and check out times under Time Log, you can add break time - which is calculated in minutes. So if you took a 1 hour break, that would be entered in as 60 minutes.

  6. Review the total number of hours worked.
  7. Add any notes concerning overtime or tardiness in the Notes field.
  8. Click Create.

Submit Time Off

  1. Hover over the Business tab and click My Profile

  2. Click on Submit Time Off

  3. In the Submit Time Off Dashboard, enter all necessary information:

    • Click in the Start Date field to prompt the drop-down calendar.
    • Select the beginning date you wish to take off.
    • Click in the End Date field to prompt the drop-down calendar.
    • Select the end date, or last day you are requesting off. NOTE: If you are only requesting one (1) day off, you can select the same day in both the Start Date and End Date fields.
    • Notes - Add any notes you wish to share about this time off.
    • Click Submit Request.