Submissions: Timesheets & Time Off Requests

So far we have covered every link and tab on the Shockey Monkey Corporate Dashboard except for two: Time Sheets and Time Off. As their names suggest, these two tabs include employee time sheet submissions or requests for time off. When employees submit their time sheets or requests for time off, both submissions will show in their respective tabs. Only supervisors (by default, portal administrators) can approve or deny time sheets and time off requests. To address either type of submission, you would click on the tab that needs addressing. For instance, if you need to review a time sheet, click on the Time Sheets tab. As shown below, you will see time sheets that have been submitted and waiting for approval by their listed supervisor/portal administrator.

Notice that the statuses of these time sheets are set to Pending. This is the default status for requests that have not been addressed yet. To weigh a submission, simply click on the time sheet link for that particular employee.

When you click on any time sheet link, that time sheet will appear as shown. Notice the red arrow pointing to the Status down-down menu. You will select this menu to determine the approval or denial of this time sheet. When you have made the appropriate selection, click the Update button to finish the process.

Addressing requests for time off is very similar. Within the Corporate Dashboard, click on the Time Off tab.

If employees have submitted any time off requests, this is where you (the supervisor/administrator) will come to approve or deny their specific request. Like the previously discussed time sheets, to weigh in on the submission, click the Time Off Request link. From there you can view the details as described by the employee to the specific date(s) that they are requesting off, along with a brief description if it is added to the request by the employee. From the status drop-down menu, you can select approve or deny to update the request. Click Update after making your decision. If the request was submitted by mistake or there is a need to remove the request completely, you can click the red "X" next to the request from the Time Off Request list window.