Accounting: QuickBooks Export

This feature will allow you to select one or many invoices and with the click of a button prompt you with an instantly generated .iff file. You may use this .iff file to directly import into your QuickBooks accounting software.

The Quickbooks Export feature gives users an easy way to export their information and invoices from Shockey Monkey to Quickbooks. This makes it convenient for accounting personnel that have standardized their accounting platform on Quickbooks, to utilize Shockey Monkey for complete business management. The export feature provides a seamless way for Quickbooks to identify, read, and save information from Shockey Monkey.

Important Notes

  • When you first click on QuickBooks Export, you will be presented with a Dialog Box asking for a Starting Invoice Number. Since QuickBooks has their own set of Invoice numbers and do not allow duplicates, you must specify the invoice number you would like to start from for the generated import file.
  • Assigned Company names must match exactly how they appear in QuickBooks for assignment to work correctly.
  • In order for Products/Items to match correctly in QuickBooks they must have a Category that matches exactly to the ones inside of QuickBooks. This goes for the Product Name as well.