Accounting: Payments

This section will display all of your payments based on the current filter and search selections. By default it will display All Payments.

  • Upon adding a payment to an open invoice, if the addition of that payment will completely pay the invoice in full; it will flag that invoice as closed.
  • If you remove a payment and the deletion of that payment, will put the balance due to a positive amount it will re-open that invoice.
  • If you add a payment and the amount is more than the invoice requires, it will leave the invoice as open.

Payment Types

  • All-This option will display all recurring invoices regardless of their current status.
  • Cash-These are payments made in the form of cash.
  • Credit-These are payments made in the form of credit.
  • Check-These are payments made in the form of check.


You may sort the list of payments by any of the following categories: Received Date, Invoice Number, Company, Payment Method, or Amount Paid.


You can also narrow down the list of payments by providing a search filter. Just start typing something in the search box to the right and within a second of your last keystroke it will refresh the list using your new search filter.


New Payment-This action is located in two places, the top menu and on the right-hand menu. Upon selecting this action, you will be presented with the New Payment dialog.