Accounting: New Item

  1. An item is a user defined product. These can be anything that you may want to bill on an invoice. For example: Ram, Hard Drive, or Server.
  2. 1. Hover your cursor over the Sales tab and click Accounting.

  3. Click on Items / Services.

  4. Click on New Item.

  5. Input an Item Name.
    • This will be the name that you type to add the item to an invoice.
  6. Select a Category.
    • Category is used to group items together.
    • This field is very important if you plan to use the QuickBooks Export feature.
  7. Provide a Description.
    • This field is optional, however it is quite useful.
  8. Provide the desired rate.
    • This may be any number greater than -1.
    • You may also use the slider control but it value caps at 999.
  9. Input a valid Tax amount if applicable.
    • This may be any number between 0-100
    • You may also use the slider control.
  10. Click Create Item.