Creating A Quote

  1. Hover your cursor over the Sales tab and click Accounting.

  2. You should now see your Accounting Dashboard. From here, click Quotes from the Accounting Menu.

  3. Click on the New Quote button located under Active Quotes.

  4. On the New Quote dashboard, enter the following pertinent information:
    • Company
    • Quote Date
    • Expire Date
    • P.O. #
    • Invoice Title

  5. Click the Add Item button and enter all necessary information:
    • Name - Desired name of the item you are offering
    • Description - This is brief description of the item you are charging for
    • Quantity - The number of this item you are including
    • Discount - Enter any discounts you wish to add
    • Tax - Enter any applicable taxes that need to be applied
    • Click Add Item
    • Repeat the process to add any additional items
  6. Enter any Customer Notes and Terms & Conditions that apply to this quote.
  7. Click Create Quote.