Billable Time

  1. To access the Billable Time Dashboard, hover your cursor over the Sales tab and click on Accounting.

  2. You should now see your Accounting Dashboard. To access Billable Time, click on Billable Time from the menu. All billable time in your support requests is listed here, along with companies that have billable time entries. Start by filtering requests by company, review the time entry and add it to an invoice.

  3. To set your billable rate for a specific company, select the company from the drop-down menu.

  4. Under Billable Time, you will see a small box with the company's name you just selected. Click the Edit link;
    • Enter a rate and applicable taxes.
    • Press Update; If there are invoice listed in the Billable Time Dashboard, click on them to:
      • Adjust Time
      • Adjust Comments - Click the gear icon to add, edit, save, or delete comments
      • Red X - Mark as non-billable time
      • Green Check - Approve billable time
    • After approval, you can check the small box next to the entry and either add the time to an existing invoice or create a new invoice. After approval, if you need to edit the Billable Time again; simply click Modify
    • If you click New Invoice, you will be taken to the New Invoice Dashboard. Fill in an Invoice Title, Customer Notes, and Terms & Conditions.