Tasks & Schedules

Make the most of every work day with Shockey Monkey Task and Schedule management. Keeping your team's unproductive time to a minimum is a central challenge that every solution provider must overcome to succeed and be profitable. Intelligent task management, efficient scheduling and solid, repeatable processes that your team executes the same way every time will help to drive that success. Shockey Monkey's Tasks and Schedule system will help your whole team be more productive.

Automated Calendar Integration

Stay focused on serving your clients by reducing the administrative burden of creating and scheduling activities. Shockey Monkey items with due dates like Support Requests and Tasks are automatically plotted in the calendar view so it's a snap to see everything that needs to be done.

Drag & Drop Rescheduling

Be more proactive and plan in advance to maximize your billable day. Spend less time planning a fully utilized work day with Shockey Monkey. Day, Week, or Month calendar views allow easy drag and drop rescheduling. Items like Support Requests and Follow-Up Tasks update automatically so you can ensure you're making the most of your time every day.

Simple Tasking

Create, assign, and schedule Activities at once. Keep your team busy all day and avoid a massive administrative workload. Assign Support Request follow ups, schedule sales appointments and client Touches, and even track internal tasks in Shockey Monkey's uncomplicated Task Management system.

Task Integration

Task Integration with Client Relationship Management and the Support Board: Become more profitable without reinventing the wheel with Shockey Monkey, a simple, effective tool your team can use to manage their workload and keep track of all their Tasks and Activities, set clear timelines and schedules and report on their activities for accountability.