Shockey Monkey provides in-depth reporting for you and your business. Your users and administrators can view, print, or import reports right from your portal. Reporting is integral because it provides accountability of your business processses and allows users to address any problems without involving helpdesk, thus improving productivity and reducing costs. Likewise, business reports generated at the end of the month provide business key performance indicators that show you the true value of Shockey Monkey.

  • Executive Report - Produced monthly for clients outlining support & billing.
  • Open Support Request Summary - Displays ongoing technology events & problems.
  • Support Request Detail Summary - Provides printouts, audits & policy reviews.
  • Billable Time Summary - Per client, used for attaching to invoices.
  • Active Client Summary - Provides overview of all active clients.
  • Client Surveys - Provides overview of performance, based on clients' feedback.
  • Expiring Inventory/Warranties - Generates a report listing the warranty status on all inventory.