Take the mystery out of managing profitable projects. Shockey Monkey's simple, portal-based project management solution simplifies project work. Develop step-based project plans and task schedules that will assist you in managing your resources to high utilization levels. The ability to build repeatable project templates and simple role based management help your team stay focused on the clients not on the project software.

Design & Creation

Professional project planning in just a few easy steps. You don't need a professional certification in Project Management to be successful and profitable delivering project work to your clients. Just describe the steps to be taken in order to accomplish the project, and Shockey Monkey will help you create and schedule tasks, build them into service tickets, and allot billable resources.

Project Tasks

Seamless project task management through the Support Board. Shockey Monkey's support requests are managed, time is tracked, and progress updates are recorded, through the simple Project Portal interface. Easily generate and deliver professional project reporting from Shockey Monkey. Clients can always review and analyze the progress your team is making on their projects in the portal.

Milestone Tracking

Whether your projects are time and materials or fixed bid, things can and do change. Let Shockey Monkey help you keep your project on time and under budget, which is crucial for your success and your client's. Shockey Monkey Project Management allows you to stay in control by setting timeline start and stop dates, alerts for project deadlines, and low allotted-hour balances so that the client never gets an ugly surprise along the changing project course.

Portal Management & Notifications

Simplify your workflows with customizable automatic project notifications. Shockey Monkey will automatically generate and send email to the client contact when tickets are updated, resources are allocated, etc. Minimize the un-billable time on status update phone calls by offering your clients the self-service web portal where they can log in to review the project status at their convenience without ever having to pick up the phone.