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Users can gain access to pertinent company information allowing them to see issued equipment, add career goals, submit timesheets, add certifications and education, as well as add personal accomplishments. Managers can edit employee information, add employee specific goals, and add reviews making a more productive and accountable environment for supervisors and employees.


Employees can submit timesheets from their profile based on their punch in and out information within Shockey Monkey. The timesheets section provides accurate accountability as well as a way to dispute inconsistencies upon review. This feature saves time and creates a more efficient solution for businesses.

Time Off

Employees can easily submit time off requests directly from their profile making it easy for supervisors to manage staffing requirements based on the needs of the business.


Keeping track of employee certifications can be a struggle for many supervisors. Shockey Monkey gives users the ability to add certification, education, and training in a single location, allowing supervisors to monitor requirements and evaluate employees based on the achievements. It is important for employees to list accomplishments to be considered and recognized at review time, and the accomplishment feature in Shockey Monkey allows just that. Employees are able list any accomplishments that will be viewable by managers and supervisors giving the most accurate picture and history of an employees work performance.