Provides owners, managers, or human resources personnel the ability to completely manage employees, roles, equipment, education, goals and so much more. The Corporate Dashboard was created to eliminate the need for paper files and allows users an easy, centralized system for managing personnel.


Provides a flexible way to create new employees or edit employees within the system. Pertinent Human Resources information can be captured including employee personal information, a profile picture, and contact information. Job specific information can also be entered such as job description, work schedules, vacation time, sick time, and more all from a single screen.


Allows tracking of company equipment by employee. This asset-tracking tool makes keeping track of company assets easy and manageable. Information about condition, serial number, and description can be obtained as well as date issued and returned, assuring accurate asset management.



Provides an easy way to manage employee timesheets. Approve or reject timesheets based on provided information submitted from employees. The manager or supervisor is notified when an employee submits a timesheet making payroll management and notification a simple process.


A centralized repository for corporate documents and information is essential for any business. With the ability to save any corporate documents, files, employee handbooks, or any digitized information, the documents feature in Shockey Monkey is indispensable for businesses.