Client Management

Make more money as the Trusted Advisor that your clients need. Leading industry research proves that those Solution Providers who participate in pre-sales consulting, and help to develop the technology solutions that the client's business needs, win more of those deals and are able to capture 2-3 times more total dollars from those clients. Shockey Monkey is built in CRM (Client Relationship Management) features make it simple to keep your sales pipeline full of profitable opportunities and manage your existing clients into thriving mutually beneficial, profitable relationships.

Leads, Contacts & Companies

Be a more effective sales organization. Manage your list of prospects easily, and close more profitable business with the right clients. Shockey Monkey's Contact Management system allows you to manage all the relevant information your targets, and track your daily sales activities without spending too much valuable time on "paperwork." Take advantage of the time savings of Shockey Monkey CRM's Activity Summary view, which shows you Support history, Invoices, and Recent Touches on one screen.

Sales Opportunities

Take control of your future and grow with Shockey Monkey. Shockey Monkey gives Sales Professionals a hassle-free way to manage pipelines and track progress toward sales goals or quotas. The Sales Opportunities portal enables the Sales Manager to see the pipeline company wide, along with critical data about closing probability, to create and manage reliable sales forecasts. Keeping control of revenue and profitability into the future with real sales forecasting data is the cornerstone to planning and managing your business' growth.

Sales Activity

If it isn't documented, it didn't happen. Even worse, if it doesn't happen the same way every time, you can't manage your growth. Use Shockey Monkey's Touch System to record every interaction with prospects and clients, and to manage your sales process to help maintain consistency. Create and schedule follow up Tasks in seconds, so you can spend more time generating revenue and less time documenting progress.

Client Onboarding

Get all the right information with Shockey Monkey. In order to really be effective as a Trusted Technology Advisor and make the right recommendations to drive clients' businesses, it's important to show clients a knowledge and understanding of their unique needs. Shockey Monkey's Company and Asset Management tools capture data about the company, contacts, the services you provide, and details about technology Assets. You can even attach specific Assets to Support Requests for more accurate reporting and intelligence about troublesome or "noisy" users or hardware that might require special attention. This type of information forms the foundation on which you build those valuable trusting relationships and can serve as evidence behind those recommendations for profitable solutions that you'll make.

Client Profiles & Preferences

Ensure efficient workflows, privacy and solid security by assigning roles based on email address log-in for different client user types. These include Client Administrator, Client User and Accountant roles. Your team can spend more time building relationships and less time on administrative tasks: send Portal invitation emails to new client users, manage time zones, passwords, preferred communication types, and more in just a few click through the Shockey Monkey portal.