Shockey Monkey helps you keep all your invoices, agreements, billable items and services together. It makes the whole process friendly and easy by allowing you to collect payments, email invoices, integrate with Quickbooks and manage the whole process from work to payment.

Invoice Dashboard

Get the full picture of all your accounting activity. Apply powerful and fast filtering and searches: so fast that results show up as you type your search criteria. Invoice Dashboard will eliminate the endless task of tracking lose ends and give you a better idea of where you stand financially.

Create Invoices

Accounting Invoices make billing clients easy and pretty. By making it virtually impossible to make a mistake through enforcement of your existing payment terms and policies anyone in your organization can manage invoicing. Quickly build your invoice, attach notes and billable items, calculate taxes and get paid!

Billable Time

Billable Time in Shockey Monkey allows easy management and accounting of billable time utilized in support and service requests. This feature ties in directly to support tickets and assures that no money is left on the table. Billable time can be reviewed by accounting personnel and added to a new or existing invoice.

Custom Items

Shockey Monkey Accounting makes it easy to bill for everything you do. Track taxes, terms and descriptions that give your clients an idea of everything you're doing for them. Eliminate mistakes by documenting everything and guaranteeing that every invoice is correct.


Shockey Monkey Accounting tracks payments too. If you come up with a complex payment plan for your services you can take individual payments and track them on the invoice until it's completely paid off.